Hardware Memory Checker 1.0


Date Added:04 June, 2013

Author: Memcheck

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This is a memory checker utility that provides memory allocation and release functionality. It uses the memory paging system to allocate a guard page after each page of memory to provide a hardware boundary that can detect memory overflows. This allows for immediate detection of buffer overflow error conditions.

There are many other memory checker programs in existence - why do we need another? This Hardware Memory Checker provides a combination of features not found in other memory checkers.
- it uses the hardware paging system for immediate error detection (most other memory checkers look for modified memory in no mans land)
- it is very fast compared to other hardware memory checkers because it makes fewer changes to the paging tables
- it can track the original release location when debugging duplicate free problems
- it is designed for large scale integration with the ability to call user defined fail functions

Systems: Windows

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